Here’s what I learnt from 2021

Major things that happened :

  1. Career Shift

I shifted from Engineering to Product starting 2021. As any normal person, positively going into a new role, I still had my doubts about how this would turn out. So just focused on following my instinct and moving forward with a zeal to learn something new, and it’s been an amazing experience.

What I learnt :
• Taking OWNERSHIP is one of the most important part of any job, but taking it at the right time means everything.

• If you’re not constantly LEARNING, or at least trying to constantly learn, on your job, you’re neither doing justice to yourself, nor the job.

2. Covid

Contracted with Covid for the second time, during the second wave. Saw so much happening around, too much negative news, but still saw people who helped so much in such times, risking their own lives, gave me hope and strength to tackle through it.

What I learnt :
• HUMANITY, kindness are the things which save us at the end, even if we’re too proud or too cool to acknowledge that.

• Be POSITIVE and hopeful. People can be so good to you at times. We’ve just trained our minds to have such low expectations from people in general, that even courtesy acts feel like a luxury sometimes, which should never be the case.

3. Travel

I travelled a lot, “workactions” were a major highlight of the year.

What I learnt :
You do need a CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT every now and then, even if you don’t think you do.
Not only it takes you out of your regular bubble, and gives you a break, it also helps bring a fresh perspective in your mind, both from a personal and professional point of view.

4. Accident

Got into a major accident towards the later part of the year, broke a thigh and my pelvis, recovering positively everyday since then.

What I learnt :
• Be GRATEFUL for even the smallest things in life, from going to the washroom by yourself, to having a fully functional body. We forget to be grateful about such things, about things we already have, in the hush mush and constant chasing of new things everyday.

• Don’t wait for life to hit you, to realise that FAMILY is everything. This includes friends or people who you consider family. Work aside, take time out for such people. People who love you and care for you. Maintain that BALANCE in life.




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